George Ross Goobey collection


George Ross Goobey (left) in 1972 shaking hands 
with and accepting the presidency of the National 
Association of Pension Funds from retiring President, Mr Ellwood. LMA Ref. LMA/4494/E/02/005/005
(Reproduced with kind permission of The National
 Association of Pension Funds)

In January 2008, the Pensions Archive was fortunate enough to receive the papers provided by the late George Ross Goobey (1912-1999) to the board of trustees of the Imperial Tobacco pension fund. These papers have been digitised. See the digitial images of the George Ross Goobey collection.

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Despite being such an influential figure, George Ross Goobey's investment approach has been difficult to study because he published relatively little, being content to exercise his considerable talents within the Imperial Group and the National Association of Pension Funds.  Ross Goobey's papers to the trustees of the Imperial Tobacco Pension Fund therefore provide additional information on his investment philosophy, as well as constituting a contribution to the available historical records regarding pension fund investment during the 1950s.

Additional records catalogued in 2015 provide further insight into Ross Goobey's career and his personal involvement in a wide variety of clubs and other organisations.

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Read a transcript of George Ross Goobey's address to the 1956 conference of the Association of Superannuation and Pension Funds. Drafts of this address are accessible in the George Ross Goobey collection.

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