Accession of Associated British Foods Pension Scheme Archive - Sept 2010

Posted: 8 September 2010

The Pensions Archive Trust are pleased to announce that the archives of the Associated British Foods Pension Scheme have now been accessioned, which will be a major asset to the existing collections.
The group was established in 1935 under the title Food Investments Limited and established its occupational pension scheme in 1940.
The records deposited with the Trust date from the scheme’s foundation and demonstrate how the scheme operated, and in particular how it coped with the expansion of the company and assimilating other schemes into its administration. The original Trust Deeds and Rules state its intentions and ambitions. Minutes of all the major committees involved in the running of the Fund are also included in the deposit, including the Board of Trustees; along with correspondence and papers of various Chairmen, giving a unique insight into the running of the Fund. Minutes and ledgers regarding the Fund’s property investments are also included. In addition to providing an insight into how the Fund invested its money, the property ledgers also provide information on a variety of properties and business premises across the UK which were often located centrally within communities. The range of records available demonstrate how the operations of the pension fund were affected by the fortunes of the company, which has now expanded to include operations in 44 countries around the world.
The collection is currently uncatalogued. It is envisaged the collection will be fully catalogued and available by the end of January 2011. Until this time, access will be by prior notice only. For any general enquiries about access to LMA, please contact the LMA Enquiries Team at

JANUARY 2012 - UPDATE: The collection has now been catalogued and can be accessed at LMA under the reference LMA/4545.