School groups enjoy Money Matters education sessions at London Metropolitan Archives - January 2012

Posted: 23 January 2012

Two primary school groups from the Christian School of London and Paddington Green School visited London Metropolitan Archives in January 2012 for lively and thought-provoking financial education workshops with Interpretation Officer Linda Carey. Linda took the groups on a behind the scenes tour of the archives, then showed pupils a range of historical archives illustrating how the old and vulnerable were cared for in the past and how the introduction of occupational pensions by employers improved workers’ prospects in old age.

Pupils were fascinated by entries in an workhouse admission register with entries for a couple in their 80s, and the hardships experienced by many elderly people in the nineteenth century was further demonstrated by the illustrations in Henry Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor and a print of the living quarters in a metropolitan workhouse. Records from the Pensions Archive’s Lloyd’s Clerks’ Superannuation Fund collection showed the benefits workers would get from an early occupational scheme. The sessions concluded with the pupils engaging in hotly fought rounds of the Future Shock board game, employing financial management skills to compete to have the most savings by the end of the game.

It is hoped that the Money Matters sessions, developed by LMA in partnership with the Pensions Archive Trust and City Business Library, will be taken up by further primary and secondary schools in the future.

For more information on booking a Money Matters school session, please visit London Metropolitan Archives' website.