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The four articles featured below were written and researched by Malcolm Deering and were published in Pensions Age magazine during January - April 2017.

They are reproduced on the PAT website by kind permission of Pensions Age magazine. Pensions Age website


Do you know when the first UK Occupational Pension Scheme was established?

January 2017. Identifying the first example of the payment of a pension is extremely difficult.

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Do you remember? EPBs, CEPs and RONPE

February 2017. Did you know that employees could be contracted-out long before the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme that commenced in April 1978?

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Did you know that there were personal pensions before Personal Pensions?

March 2017. Personal Pensions were made available from 1 July 1988, under the Financial Services Act 1986 but are you aware that - thirty years earlier - a personal pension saving facility was introduced for self-employed persons and for persons without employer sponsored pension provision?

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Pensions Scheme Ratings

April 2017. Until the late 19th century, there were three principal bodies responsible for the payment of various naval pensions to ratings.

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