How the Pensions Archive is run

Who runs the pensions archive?

The Pensions Archive Trust administration is made up of a President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Board of Directors, Advisory Committee Members, Secretary, Accountant and a qualified Archivist.

PAT and LMA have set up a Joint Liaison Committee, which meets regularly at LMA.  It comprises representatives from both LMA and from the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee of The Pensions Archive.  These meetings allow the Pensions Archive and LMA staff to update each other on recent events, work and cataloguing targets, acquisitions and other developments concerning the work of the Pensions Archive.

Many people have been involved in the inception and running of the Pensions Archive since 2001. Read more about former members of PAT.

The Pensions Archive Trust’s strategy

In managing The Pensions Archive Trust (PAT), the Trustee directors are guided by a Strategy Plan, set every five years, most recently from January 2017.

Our overall purpose is to preserve in the Pensions Archive materials relating to the history and development of occupational and personal pensions – interacting with five constituencies – funders, users, donors, archives and management.

PAT’s finances are wholly reliant on charitable donations.  We must therefore aim to secure the long-term support of our funders, both corporate and individual, ensuring that they remain confident as to the effective use of the monies they so generously provide.

Our users must be provided with relevant and comprehensive materials to support their educational, research and other needs.  As ever, we need to raise the profile of PAT and the Pensions Archive, particularly amongst potential users.

A continuing priority is the search for donors of archival material, whether by direct physical possession, or by external links.  We must ensure that materials donated to the Pensions Archive, whether as a gift or on loan, are preserved in a secure, cost-effective and appropriately confidential manner. 

We aim to provide our archival partners with unique and valuable materials relating to past and present pension provision.  We seek to position PAT as the unequivocal ‘umbrella’ source of pensions archive material nationally, while maintaining and developing our long-term partnership with the London Metropolitan Archives in particular.

Not least, we must always ensure that our management structure has the capability to fulfil PAT’s evolving business needs.

To obtain a copy of the full Strategy Plan, please contact PAT Director Chris Bedford (

The Team


Jane Newell DBE
Tom Ross OBE
Malcolm McLean
Chris Lewin
Alan Herbert
Dr. Yally Avrahampour
Jonathan Bull
Jane Marshall
Chris Bedford
David Robertson
Peter Dawes
Jeff Highfield
Grant Lore
Professor David Blake
Ian Eggleden
Daniel Bescoby
Robin Roads

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 annual report and accounts

A copy of the annual report and accounts for the years ended 31 August 2011 - 31 August 2021 can be found below:

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Annual Report and Accounts 31st August 2012

Annual Report and Accounts 31st August 2011

The Pensions Archive Trust - Registered Charity No. 1122633

Chairman - Alan Herbert     Secretary - Grant Lore