our Objectives

The main objectives of The Pensions Archive Trust are:

  • To establish and maintain the Archive, in formats that will ensure both the security of valuable historical records and optimum accessibility to all interested parties;
  • To advance the education, both of the general public and those involved in the operation of occupational and private pension schemes.

The retention of material in its original form is important due for reasons of historic and evidential value. The Pensions Archive Trust considers that hard copy access alone would seriously limit its value to the many categories of user, both throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Conversion of key items into electronic format which can be accessible through a suitably formatted website, is seen as a key priority in the near future.


The Pensions Archive Trust - Registered Charity No. 1122633    

Chairman - Alan Herbert     Secretary - Grant Lore

The Pensions Archive Trust - Registered Charity No. 1122633    

Chairman - Jeff Highfield