deposit at LMA

In the first instance, please consult PAT's Collections Policy.

Survey and Appraisal of Material

PAT is always pleased to receive offers of material for deposit in the Pensions Archive. We accept material from individual pension schemes and non-governmental organisations connected with pensions management, oversight, development and advice: this material would typically include annual reports and accounts, committees or board minutes, trust deeds and rules or memorandum and articles of association, and publicity materials. We also welcome deposits of personal papers from those involved in pensions management or research, as well as printed material for the Pensions Archive’s library collections.

As potential depositors will understand, we must ensure that the collections held in the Pensions Archive are of real historical value to prospective users. Maintaining an archive involves a significant commitment of resources in the management, long-term storage and preservation of collections, and therefore all material offered to PAT is carefully assessed to make sure that only that worthy of permanent preservation is accepted.

This assessment is normally carried out by the Archivist during a survey of the records in-situ at the potential depositing organisation. The Archivist will assess a collection in accordance with both PAT’s Collection Policy and the PAT-LMA collection agreement and will record the findings in a Survey Form. A collection will be assessed to ascertain whether the material will contribute value to the archive, if it contains potentially sensitive or personal information, and if it duplicates any material already held in the Pensions Archive collections.

The final step before any collection can be formally received at LMA involves the Archivist presenting the findings of their survey to LMA's Acquisitions Group. This group is made up of Archivists and Senior Archivists responsible for all collection areas. The details of the collection are given to this group, and then a formal recommendation is given to PAT on whether to accept it or not, based on the criteria of the Collections Policy.

Deposit Agreements

Once a decision to accept a collection has been made, deposit agreements are signed between the depositor and PAT for the acquisition of the material, and also between PAT and LMA for the storage and care of the material. The nature of these agreements and status of a deposit is split into two categories:

  • Gift – if the depositor gives their collection to either PAT or LMA as a gift, this entitles PAT or LMA to the ownership of the items and of all copyright rights in the items which are held by the donor.
  • Loan – if a collection is presented as a loan, the usual period for this is given as 20 years, at which time any signed agreement is reviewed.

There is a clause in all deposit agreements which will allow a depositor to withdraw their collection from storage at LMA. However, at least 3 months’ notice must be given and a charge will be imposed for storage and conservation costs incurred while the material was stored at LMA. Further details can be obtained from the Archivist.

Once the status of the deposit with either PAT or LMA has been agreed, the collection can be brought in to the LMA stores. An initial conservation check is carried out by conservators in a preliminary document reception area, before the deposit is transferred to the climate-controlled stores to await cataloguing.

Digital collections

As well as printed material, PAT is also willing to collect material which has been created digitally for preservation at LMA. The preservation and storage of this are kept in line with LMA's Digital Preservation Policy. Material collected in digital format will also be made available to potential users in the reading rooms at LMA.



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