The Pensions Archive Trust's Archival Policy Guide

Archival Policy Guide for Pensions Managers and Trustees

The Archival Policy Guide is intended as a reference source for pension trustees and managers, with advice on how to manage the records created and maintained in the course of administering a pension scheme and guidance on how any material that would be worthy of long term preservation in an archive should be handled.

Although the Archival Policy Guide focuses on pension scheme records, the advice it provides applies equally for records produced by professional bodies, professional service providers or other organisations in the pensions sector.

Other sources of guidance

The National Archives provide guidance on caring for archives and records management best practice. The latter is aimed at public sector bodies but the principles apply equally to businesses.

The Managing Business Archives website contains a range of information to help businesses manage their archive collections. It is aimed at company personnel with no prior knowledge or expertise in archive management as well as business archive practitioners.

The Church of England Records Centre provides a number of records management guides aimed at church staff, but the general guidance can be applied more broadly.

The International Records Management Trust provides educational and training materials related to records management.


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