Maxwell scandal

A copy of a board game based on the Maxwell Scandal, recently acquired by the Pensions Archive Trust (LMA/4598/01/001).

The death of the media proprietor Robert Maxwell on the 5th November 1991 revealed that he had misused £450m of his group’s pension fund. To mark the 20th anniversary of this event PAT obtained contributions from some of the personalities closely involved with obtaining restitution for the pensioners. 

The contributions can be accessed here:

John Ballard: Factors Contributing to the Successful Resolution of the Position of Maxwell Pensioners

Jane Newell: A Personal Recollection of the Maxwell Saga

Kenneth Trench: City Self-Regulation failed Maxwell Pensioners

Material in the pensions archive

The Pensions Archive holds a collection of papers from the Maxwell Pensions Unit and Maxwell Pensioners Trust donated by Jane Newell who is now a Vice-President of PAT.  They consist of annual reports, accounts original Trust Deed and Rules and final report covering the period 1992-1997.

The Pensions Archive also holds the papers of Sue Ward, who was a member of the Goode Committee on pensions law reform set up in the wake of the Maxwell Scandal.

Both collections can be accessed at London Metropolitan Archives: for more information see the Use our Collections section of the website.

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